Monday, August 11, 2008

Camp Sunshine

My brother Dave has been a counselor at Camp Sunshine since friday morning. He will come home this afternoon. For those who don't know, Camp Sunshine is a summer camp for kids and adults with developmental disabilities. This is the camp's 26th summer and Dave's first time as a counselor. There is one camper paired up with one counselor for the week. The camp is held at Camp Blodgett and last night was that big talent show that Keith and I attended. What a lot of fun! There was everything from bouncing a ball, dancing to Micheal Jaskson, singing "Joy to the World", playing the harmonica, etc....It took about 3 hours to get through everyone :) They get so excited.
Dave and his camper John

Singing "Barbara Ann". John playing the drums.

This girl was so excited about her wig!


Carol Sue said...

Great story about the sunshine camp and great that David did it......It was really nice you went to see the talent show.
How did you boat outing go?

jeanh said...

Great that you and Keith supported both the kids and David in his first venture as a camp counselor! Great experience all around, for him and them, I'm sure. Way to go, David!