Friday, July 11, 2008

Street Performers

Last night we went down to 8th Street to watch the Street Performers. They are down there every Thursday night in the summer. JJ&MK and Jason's parents and Lisa were also down there. We watched Tony's bluegrass band (very impressive!) They had a big crowd. We decided to walk down and check out some of the other performers and came across some real weirdos! It was fun (Macey didn't think so...see below). Keith and I stopped at JP's for an iced coffee drink. That is my #1 spot to go for coffee, so good. We came home to watch the Tiger game that I had recorded from earlier in the day. Looked like another win as they were up by a few going into the 9th. Todd Jones blew it.....I have to stop getting so upset when they lose because I really go to bed mad!

Tony singing
The "dog" really liked Keith
He was sniffing on Kelsey. Odd.
Macey hanging on to daddy tight


VandenBerg Family said...

WEIRD...VERY WEIRD!!! I think it's something that Darrin and I need to make a point of seeing this summer!!

jeanh said...

I don't blame Macey for being scared. Still, looks like a lot of fun! What was really scary was that Tiger's loss yesterday. But, like you Bren, I'm very excited about tomorrow! (We'll pick you up at around 10am.)

Carol Sue said...

Kelsey did not seem to mind...but I can sure see why Macey held on tight to Daddy and I am sure Jen had a few thoughts racing through her mind when the wierdo was sniffing on does look like fun though. The Tigers will come through the next few games. You guys will bring them good luck on Sat