Sunday, July 13, 2008

Detroit Tigers

Aunt Jean and Uncle Scott picked Keith and I up yesterday morning around 10:00 and off to Detroit we went. We left plenty early so we would have time to drive by the old Tiger Stadium and get some pictures since it is in the process of being torn down. It looks pretty sad. Here are some pictures.

We get to Commerica Park just before they opened the gates. Our first stop was the Big Cat food court. Keith and I have found that this is the best place to go for good food (big portions) for a decent price. Keith went with the Muchos Nachos and I had a fajita wrap. There was a little bit of rain during the first inning but it actually felt really good since it was so muggy out. Keith and I kind of moved around the park for most of the game but were able to "steal" some good seats in section 132 next to Jean and Scott for an inning or 2. We agreed that one of the best things about going to games is the chance to do some great people watching! There are some good ones out there. Unfortunately the Tigers came up 1 run short (again!). We got to see a couple of home runs which was exciting but I sure wish they could have pulled off a win. We stopped at Culver's on the way home for supper. We took interstate 94 home and after a couple of hours of driving realized that we should be seeing signs for 131. Somehow we must have been to busy talking that all 4 of us missed the sign. Laugh... we finally made it home about midnight. A fun day!


jeanh said...

Bren - Sure had a fun time with you and Keith yesterday, regardless of the outcome of the game! See my blog for some additional thoughts and pictures...

Carol Sue said...

I CANNOT believe you missed the guys sure were having fun talking for all 4 of you to miss the exit signs....what a hoot.
I wished FOX national would have had the Tigers game on my locale....they showed the Arizona game what do I care about Arizona game????