Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beach Day

Me, Lisa, Jen and the girls hit the beach yesterday. It was lots of fun and we lasted almost 3 hours! The girls did really good. Macey wanted nothing to do with the water. I was actually the only one who went in. I really enjoy playing in it especially when there are waves :) We stopped for ice cream at the General Store. Mmmmm....We made BLTs at my dad's house for supper. Macey still does not want to walk on or put any weight on her leg. We even tried bribing her with candy. I'm sure she'll start walking on it in a couple of days... (I hope). Keith and I went to the Fresh Coats basketball came at the Civic Center. They lost by a landslide :( The other team was really good.

Blue moon melting fast

I scream you scream...

Kelsey enjoyed the beach too!

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VandenBerg Family said...

Mmmmm...BLT's...great dinner idea!! Darrin is sick with the flu today though so I think I'll save that idea for next week :)