Saturday, June 7, 2008

weekend update

We went to Crazy Horse last night for a family dinner. My Aunt Carol would be flying back to Portland on Saturday so we wanted to get together one more time before she left. The food at Crazy Horse is so good. I filled up on bread and chicken corn chowder and took most of my burger home :) Keith and I went to Lowe's after dinner. We bought some vertical blinds for the sliding glass door in our kitchen. We haven't put them up yet. Maybe tonight. After Lowe's we went to my Aunt Rachel's house to sit in the hot tub and chat. It was fun. I wish we had a hot tub at our house. Here is a picture of me wearing a pair of Z-COILS. They are my Aunt Carol's. She says a lot of people on the West Coast wear them. They are supposed to be very good for people who have back pain. They are actually quite comfortable but are ugly as heck.
This morning Keith and I went out for breakfast and then to some garage sales. I didn't but too much. A Dora potty seat for Macey, some HP photo paper, a summer outfit for Kelsey. Some VERY interesting that we came across at one of the sales was a "Beginner Bondage Set". Yes, it is exactly what you think it is and no I am not kidding. They were asking $2 for it. The crazy thing is it was at a really nice house on the same table as many kids items. You never know what you are going to find....Keith found it so funny that he took a picture of it with his cell phone. We made a stop at the Farmer's Market where we bought a pretty azalea bush. We brought my Aunt Carol to the G. Ford airport earlier this afternoon. We cut the grass. I was dripping sweat! Keith is now power washing our deck and the fence in the back. He'd like to stain it tomorrow if it doesn't rain. I'm watching the Tigers. Looks like they are going to come back and beat Cleveland! Her are a couple of recent pictures.
Garage saling with Aunt Carol Look how big I'm getting


Typical Macey pose

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