Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sandy Pines

We had a fun time at Sandy Pines this weekend with our friends. It did rain on us a couple of times but it was short lived and did not ruin our fun. Mace was a real trooper with her broken leg and was still able to play with her friends and do just about everything they did. I did not realize how huge Sandy Pines was. I have never seen so many golf carts zipping around in my life! The new water park they have is a lot of fun. (note: it closes from 5-6 pm, we got there at 5:10 pm...) It was worth the wait. The guys went golfing (Jason,Darrin,Fred) and fishing (Keith and Tim) for a good part of the day on saturday. We had campfires on both nights. I didn't sleep great the first night. It rained during the night which made a lot of noise on our tent. We also discovered that our air mattress has a small hole it in. Dolly of course slept right in between Keith and I (under the blankets). I think everyone slept much better on saturday night. We were tired! We ate good and plenty. We made big breakfasts both mornings. Got home today around 1:00. Took a nap, did some laundry, watched the Tigers. Here are a couple of pictures from the weekend. I have a LOT more posted on my webshots page. You can see them by going to this link The camping photos are listed under June 2008.

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