Sunday, May 4, 2008

SUN day

I made pancakes for breakfast this morning. I added chocolate chips to half of the batch mmm....

I talked Keith into going to the Art and Craft fair at Centennial park later in the morning. It was fun to look around. Looks and neat stuff. I always want to buy so much. I decided on a pair of earrings. I had been looking everywhere for a pair of brown wood earrings. Everything I had seen in the stores were too big. These were perfect. Here is a picture.

After looking around at the park we decided to get some junk food. We found a great stand at the corner of Central and 10th. Keith got a Southwest Chicken BLT wrap. He said it was SO good and wants to go back for more. I had a fun time watching him eat it. It was so messy...he had juice running down his arms. I would have taken a picture but he told me "no pictures allowed". I was still stuffed from the pancakes so I just got a candy apple to take home. Lots going on downtown today. Hope College had their commencement today, the art and craft show, Kinderplaats, dutch dancing, etc. Fun to people watch.

A good Tiger game so far today. I listened to the first few innings while sitting on the deck and looking at the Sunday ads. I noticed that I was starting to burn so am now watching the rest of the game on TV. Keith and Charles are getting ready to take the boat out on Goshhorn lake. First time out fishing for them this year. Jen just called to get a recipe for sugar cookies for her and Macey to make. Now I am in the mood to do some baking. I will have to look through my recipes....

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