Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's that time of year again

I know a lot of people in Holland dread the week of Tulip Time because of all the traffic, tourists, and commotion. I have always loved it and get excited when I see that first junk food stand arrive in town. I rank Tulip Time right up there with Christmas and shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Probably because it has been something I've grown up with for the past 30 years and I do love tradition ( I get that from my mom and Grandma Nykerk). I had my first taste of TT junk food today and indulged in some fries (with vinegar, salt, and ketchup) and half an elephant ear. Healthy, I know. The fireworks were cancelled last night because of the weather and are reschedule for tonight. It is cool and drizzly out right now so hopefully they will still go on. This morning started with garage sales. I think I did pretty good. Found quite a few toys for the girls, some sandals for Macey, a pair of warm-up pants for Kelsey (for the fall/winter), and a bunch of old windows for $3 a piece! I was told that these windows can sell for $30-$40 at antique sales. Elizabeth, Darrin, and their 2 kids along with Jen, Jason, and the girls met at my house later in the morning and we went to Kinderplaats downtown. They had lots of activities going on for the kids. It was fun. The sun was out but it was windy. Here are a few pictures

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JJ&MK said...

love the picture of Macey and Bennett by the tulips!