Wednesday, May 7, 2008

rain will not spoil our parade

The day started with me heading to 8th Street at 7:00 am to stake out our spot for the parade. I knew there was rain in the forecast so I brought some tarps (instead of blankets) to tape down with some duct tape. I didn't realize the challenge I had ahead of me. It was SO WINDY. I'd get one side of the tarp taped down but by the time I got to the other side, the taped side was ripped off by the wind. I must have looked like a fool on all 4 trying to get that darn tarp to stay put (and still wearing the clothes I had slept in the night before). Even the folding chairs I had brought along were not heavy enough to hold the tarp down. Several people stopped to ask if I needed help but I was too embarrassed to accept their help. I knew I needed something heavier so I quickly drove home. I emptied my Skim milk into Keith's 2% milk (shhh..) and filled the empty milk gallon with water. I took a 2 liter of pop, a brick, and our horse shoe set and headed back downtown. By the time I got down there one of the tarps had blown across to the other side of the street and into a store front! After some rearranging of things I was pretty confident that my "weights" would do their job. I decided to reward myself with a Milky Way Latte from JP's after everything was said and done. I think JP's has the best coffee. Even better that Starbucks. I came home and cut the grass which is a task I don't really mind especially when it is not too hot out. Just as I was putting the mower away it started to sprinkle. I checked the weather online and the radar showed a big green blob over the lake...not good. By late morning it was pouring but the parade was not called off. After many phone calls back and forth between friends (and a little persuasion from me) we decided to go for it! I'm glad we did. It was still a little wet but we had fun. The kids all seemed to enjoy the parade. David pulled the "Tulip Time" float through the parade and got to drive a brand new Denali. It had 21 miles on it at the start of the parade route. I'm not sure if some of the things dropped out of the parade line up because of the weather or what, but the parade seemed much shorter this year than years past. I drove out to Jen's after the parade to hang out with her and the girls and our friend Megan and her son Braden who are visiting from Illinios. Jen made meatballs, green beans, red skinned potatoes, and bicquits for supper. Good! Keith went downtown tonight for junk food with the Neighborhood Kids from church...except none of the kids showed up. He, Uncle Jim, and Aunt Rachel still got some food though :) Here are some pictures from the day.

Dave and I at the start of the parade route
JR caught a gust of wind!

Dave pulling the Tulip Time float

Jen and Megan and the the nick of time! Having fun jumping on the couch

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jeanh said...

Bren - You are a great problem-solver! Way to go on figuring out those tarps - what a challenge! I love reading your blogs and all that's happening! Great video, too!