Friday, May 23, 2008


We had a patient come in this morning with an upper respiratory infection. As I was in the room with her she coughed up a huge wad of phlegm. She asked me to hand her a Kleenex so she could spit it out. I thought she was going to throw it in the trash. Instead she opened up the tissue, held it towards me and asked me what color I thought it was. I can handle blood, urine, chunks of earwax, and even poop. But phlegm and vomit (which is almost what I did) are two things I have a hard time with. I politely told her that her phlegm looked green.

On a less gross note....I'm so happy that the first "summer" weekend has arrived! The weather sounds like it is going to be perfect. Keith and I went to Johny Carino's for supper tonight. We got the "firesticks" for an appetizer. They are SO good. I got a panini and he got talapia for dinner. Afterwards we went to Kohl's. He wanted to look for new tennis shoes but didn't find any. I found a cute pair of jeans though! They have really wide flare legs so I will probably want to wear them with a higher heeled shoes or sandal. This is what they look like


VandenBerg Family said...

Oh Ron,
Your description of the phlegm is making me gag!

On a non-gross topic...the jeans are REALLY cute!

JJ&MK said...

like the pants Bren! and I know how you are with puke, I can just imagine with that phlegm!

Em said...

Why would you seriously ask someone that!!!
Where do you guys go on Torch Brenda?