Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fun times

Yesterday was a busy and fun day. Keith and I had gone out friday to reserve our spot for the parade. We had a MUCH easier time of it compared to my struggles on wednesday! The weather was just perfect for the parade. Not too warm, not too cool. The kids were all SO good and really seemed to enjoy the parade. The horses, tubas, and the helicopter flying above seemed to be the highlights. I got a hot dog and a bag of cotton candy as my final Tulip Time treat. I really need to eat healthy this week to make up for last....Uncle Jim rode his bike down and found us just before the parade was about to start. He sat with us for most of the parade. Everyone came back to our house after the parade for Jen and Elizabeth's birthday celebration. They kids hung out with us for a little bit before grandparents came to pick them up. I made things easy and just ordered a Subway platter. Everyone brought a side dish (or 2). We had plenty to eat! Us girls put on some "old school" music back from college and had a dance party in the living room. There was even some dancing on top of the coffee table....:) It's always so much fun getting with everyone. Here are some pictures from our fun day.

Loaded up ready for the parade!

Careful with that tulip....

Checking out Uncle Jim

Erin, Lisa, and JenWhat's with that face Mace?

Macey and Annabelle

My best friends

The birthday girls

having fun with the 10 second timer....
just like old times

Dolly during our dance party

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VandenBerg Family said...

Oh Ron...that dancing pic...a little bit "em"...but I am really laughing right now!