Saturday, April 19, 2008

Whitecaps Game

As we were watchig the Tiger game on thursday night we heard Mario and Rod talk about how Curtis Granderson was going to be playing with the West Michigan Whitecaps on Friday to rehab his hand before getting back on the Tiger's lineup. I talked to Jen on the phone early Friday morning and we decided to buy tickets for the game. $5 for lawn seats, cheap! I tried to get home as quick as I could from work and we headed for the park around 4:30. Traffic wasn't terrible but not great. The weather was perfect. Lots of people. We had a little trouble finding a flat spot on the lawn and the grass was a little wet, but for $5 not bad :) Jen and Jason brought the girls and they were both very good! Macey was very intrigued by "Franky" the pig mascot. Granderson got 2 hits which was exciting, but the Whitecaps ended up losing. We stayed for the entire game and were home just after 10. Dolly had me up at 6:00 as she does on most mornings for her breakfast. I will run a few errands this morning, Keith has to work. We will go to my Aunt Jean's house later in the day to visit with cousin Rachel and Dave who are in town. We'll take Dolly along so she can play with her cousin Ally. JJ&MK along with Jim, Erin and their boys plan to come over this evening. I hope it doesn't rain!

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What a great deal and so much fun. Uncle Jim and Aunt Rachel were also at the game....the bobbleheads were of a whitecaps player and not granderson, so you did not miss out on getting one of him. When will he return to the Tigers???They need him.
The pictures are great and it looked like Macey had big fun