Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big Bear 2012

For the 2nd year in a row it rained almost the entire time I was up near Gaylord camping at Big Bear Lake. Keith went up a few days earlier and was able to get a little bit of nice weather (he took the pic below)
He also took pictures of the food he cooked himself over the fire :) Remi enjoying hanging out in the hammock with Keith
Spent a lot of time shooting at empty beer cans hanging from trees. I've actually gotten quite good at this
SPOILED dogs!Every year someone "wins" at camping. Rules are kind of made up as the weekend goes by and each year there are different rules, events, etc. This year DOLLY girl took home the prize. (for making it up there for 10 years in a row, getting the most comfy around the fire, etc) :)


The Imposter said...

and here I am stuck in a crappy city while you guys are there.

Damn it!!!!

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Unknown said...

Bren, I've been so bad at checking the family blogs over the summer, but I'll try to do better! Great pictures of you and Keith, and "Go Dolly!" Nice job on winning the trophy!

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