Friday, March 5, 2010

fun friday

Dr. Stid decided to make this Friday "Go Blue" day. It was fun wearing something different besides scrubs to work and the patients got a kick out of it. We are going to start doing a "casual" Friday once a month. I suggested wearing Detroit Tigers stuff next time. Thanks Dave for letting us borrow some of your gear. Half of the ladies in the picture are wearing your stuff :)

Another fun thing about today is that we got 40 shakes from Steak-n-Shake delivered to our office from a drug rep. It is SO HARD to not gain weight working here!Last week we bought tickets for Dave Matthews Band who will be playing at DTE Energy Music Theater in June. I can't wait. His music and lyrics are awesome. The last BIG outdoor concert that I can remember going to was Woodstock 94!!!

And tomorrow I find out if I will be getting a new NIECE or NEPHEW is July!!!!!!


Megan Dieckmann said...

haha..I like the helmet! Fun!

Jenny said...

Jason and I were laughing at Dr. Stid's helmet as well :) Good ole' Dr. Stid...we'll miss him! And 40 shakes!!! That's a lot! See you tomorrow!!!!!!!

Rachel Nykerk said...

Looks like you have alot of fun in your office !