Sunday, January 17, 2010

catching up

It seems like a blog post is long over due. Hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone and here it is 2010. Can't imagine that it was 10 years ago everyone was freaking out about the new millennium and we were taking shots down that ice luge at that frat house in Ann Arbor (remember guys?) :)

Here are a couple of pictures from the Nykerk Christmas party at my dad's house

Pictionary has become a new tradition. Here is Kelsey getting in on the action

We had some good laughs when Uncle Jim (and dad) were at the drawing board
Uncle Jim's version of "duck soup"

We went down 8th street to check out the ice sculptures this past week. Amazing

We went to New Holland Brewing Company on Friday to watch a really cool band (Ultraviolet Hippopotamus perform). Lots of hippies in the crowd. FUN!

Me and some of the girls I work with at our Christmas party at Beechwood last Saturday. I'm lucky to work with some really fun people :)

My good friend Lisa has recently become a consultant for Tastefully Simple. I'm hosting a party at my house on Thursday January 28 at 7:00. Come and bring friends!

If you haven't seen Avatar yet, GO! It's awesome
I went down to Colon yesterday to visit with Jen, Elizabeth and the kids. Always a treat. We spent the day chatting, taking a trip to the Amish store (LOVE it!!!), and lunch at McDonald's. Thanks Jason for watching the kids and letting us have some (adult) girl time.

This is always Keith's slow time of year but work has continued to trickle in and he has at least something going on everyday. He has several big jobs lined up for spring which we are thankful for. Here is is on his way ice fishing. See our Christmas tree on top of his truck? He put it on top of the ice so when it melts the tree will sink to the bottom and make a nice home for the fishes.

I recently joined Ultimate Fitness (I get a good deal since our office in now "under" Holland Hospital). It has been a while since I have been in the gym but it feels good. Dave gave me a couple of free passes to MVP (for those who don't know he recently got a job there). That place is NICE. They even have a big water slide at their outdoor pool. It's expensive but I think I might consider paying the extra $$ for a membership later this spring when my membership at Ultimate runs out.

I talked to Keith's mom tonight and we are hoping to plan a trip to Tennessee this April (just her and I ) to visit Keith's sister Marybeth. Keith went down for a visit 2 years ago but I wasn't able to get off work. We would probably drive down and go from a Saturday through a Wednesday.


The Hambergulars said...

Hi Sweetie - Great to see your update! Sounds like you've been doing some fun things recently, and also going to the gym (see how I didn't include that under "fun things)? But it does get me thinking about getting more serious about Medifast again, while I am still down from the weight I was last year at this time. Guess there's something about January and the New Year that gets people thinking about resolutions again. Anyway, have a good week - hope to talk to and/or see you soon - how about a family breakfast in another couple of weeks?

Rachel Nykerk said...

Good to hear from you Brenda, I was about to call you thinking you must be sick or something, not like you to not post so long. If you ever want company at the gym give me a call. Great pictures, the duck soup will be a classic like the Christmas Story !

VandenBerg Family said...

Wow...good update. For a minute there I thought you were going to have pictures of us at the frat house taking those shots from the ice louge. CRAZY fun! 10 years ago...Unbelievable!