Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dora Party

Here are a few pictures from the girl's birthday party at dad's tonight (Aunt Carol I know you're waiting). Gotta go watch Lost now! :) Notice the placement of the candles (by Macey)
Making bracelets with Aunt Jean and Uncle Keith

Glad to see Kels getting into some cake and frosting action

blowing our the candles

Kelsey wanted to try out her new clothes right away

Happt that Macey liked her Dora cake I made :)

Kelsey taking a step or 2

Kelsey with Aunt Sis


Carol Sue said... are my HERO....thanks for the great blog so quick.
The cake is AWESOME. You should do it for a sideline business.
I am glad that Kels ate some cake tonight since she said "No More" on Saturday.
Have you been reading Dan's blog? They are great

Rachel Nykerk said...

That cake was unbelievable ! And Brenda does it with no previous classes in cake decorating ! I loved the candle placement by Macey, such a free spirit. The girls were adorable.

VandenBerg Family said... did an AMAZING job on that cake! And the funny!

megalin0 said...

Great job on the cake Brenda! I am very impressed! Room told me all about it last night, so I was excited to see pictures today. You are such a dedicated Aunt!

The Hambergulars said...

What can I say, Brenda? I saw the cake in person, and it's even better than in the picture - you really COULD go into business...