Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine goodies, poor Jackie's, a glimpse of Spring...

I think I got bit by the Martha Stewart bug or something because I've been having an urge to cook and bake a lot lately. I've also become a big fan of looking at Recipe Blogs. I could spend hours looking at recipe after recipe. Which is weird because I can't eat most of what I make but I still enjoy doing it. (OK I do sneak a "taste" here and there....)

Heart shaped Rice Krispy treats

Red Velvet cookies sandwiches with cream cheese frosting. Found this recipe on

And of course Grandma Nykerk's famous cut out cookies and frosting :)
Keith and I didn't really do anything special for Valentine's day. It was just nice both being home as he's been away a lot lately it seems. We went to Ridgepoint church and Kohl's last night and came home and watched a movie. We've been laying low all day today :)
What a surprise to find out Jackie's Place burned down early saturday morning! Keith was just there meeting a client friday morning. That was out favorite place for pancakes. We drove by it last night and it is really sad :(

On a brighter note...Here's a picture that makes me smile :) Spring Training is underway in Lakeland. Opening Day will be here before you know it!


VandenBerg Family said...

If you find and good recipe blogs (cheap, easy, with ingredients that are easy to find), send them my way.

Em said...

I love bakerella!

megalin0 said...

I know what you mean about baking..over the weekend I baked chocolate zuccini bread and blueberry muffins..I usually end up freezing a lot of stuff, because Jason and I can't eat a lot of that since you're on a diet and it's just the two of you, what do you do with all of those goodies?? I love to bake mostly because I want a tasting of something, but I don't want it in the house after I've had a tasting and end up tossing lots of you give it away to people??

Brenda Lee said...

I bring a lot of it to work. Give it away to my dad, Jen & Jason, send it off with Keith on wednesday nights when he meets with the "Neighbothood Kids" at church.