Monday, February 2, 2009

Lean and Green, a naughty dog, and some great deals.

As of this morning I am down 14 lbs. since Jan 5. Pretty good if I do say so myself! I'd be happy to lose 6 more but would be THRILLED to lose 10 more.Clothes are definitely fitting different and I'm actually getting used to and enjoying eating only healthy food. More energy and I never feels tired. I went to a restaurant for the first time since being on this diet and was a bit never because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to order off the menu. I went with an omelet ans asked them to make it with egg whites only. It has mushrooms, peppers, tomatos, and cheese and tasted so good. I gave my toast to the others at the table :) (We ate at DeBoer Bros. Bakery BTW...SO GOOD!) I'm posting a few pictures of some of my "lean & green" meals along with some of my Medifast creations.

Cookies made with the medifast maple brown sugar oatmeal, splenda, baking soda and oatmeal.

7 0z. of chicken and3 cups of salad with salsa instead of dressing. I like to marinade the chicken in lime juice and just sprinkle with some seasoned salt. Makes it very moist!

pancakes made with Medifast oatmeal. A little fat free cool whip on tip w/ cinnamon

grilled shrimp, asparagus, and mushrooms. I've been grilling my vegetables in that 5 calorie salad dressing. It surprisingly has a lot of flavor.

I told some of you about how I thought I lost Dolly on friday night while Keith was out of town. I let her out the back slider like we have always done. After 15 minutes she still wasn't coming back so I went out looking for her. Still nothing. I panicked and went to the neighbors to ask for help. Finally found her NEXT DOOR (not sure if she was there the entire time or not...) eating something. I was so mad yet so relieved. Still not sure what she ate but whatever it was it made her poop, fart, and puke all weekend.
Here she is after I yelled at her. Squinty eyed and nose up in the air.

Stopped at Gap outlet on saturday and found some great deals on some of their winter clothes.
I actually watched the entire Super Bowl game last night. It was a good one! I was hoping the Cardinals would win bit of well. Not overly impressed with the commercials though. I did like the one when the boy Budweiser horse went running after the girl horse in the circus....
No new haircut yet! Maybe this week? I want to be sure before I decide to chop away..


VandenBerg Family said...

14 lbs...all I can say is WOW! And 3.00 for something that was once 35.00...WHAT A DEAL!

Jenny said...

good job on the diet Bren! I know I couldn't do it so I give you lots of credit! I am jealous of your deals.

Trillium Studios said...

Bren - After seeing you on Saturday I can attest to the fact that you look FABULOUS! (Of course, I think you always do, but anyway...)

Your menu ideas are so creative, too. I love that you share your great ideas with everyone!

Rachel Nykerk said...

Way to go Brenda ! And the food does not look bad at all. Does Keith eat any of it ?

Lisa Zapolnik said...

From me and my mom!

Good job with the weightloss!!!