Sunday, January 18, 2009

80's Nostalgia

Not sure what got me thinking about Kaboom cereal but it lead to a game of "Do you remember....?" between Keith and I. So this blog kind of came as a combination of us getting a little bored being cooped up all weekend and also the fact that I love reminicsing about the past. Here are just a few of my favorite things from growing up.....

I've always been a big creal person and Kaboom has got to be my favorite. Unfortunatley they stopped selling it around here. One of my favorite birthday presents was the year Erin ordered 3 boxes of this stuff right from the factory and had it shipped to our apartment at Grand Valley. Still made my poop turn a funky green/blue color just like it did when I was a kid.

Here are a few others I wish they'd bring back

My mom got these. I thought it was neat how you got to flip the 2 sides together.


I remember picking these out at the Peanut Store.

I had my 7th birthday party a SHOWBIZ (before Chuck E. came around)

It was pretty exciting when we got the Disney channel. I remember watching this show along with Pooh's Corner and Kids Incorporated.

I barely remember playing this game but the name stuck in my memory. I remember it being some kind of matching/memory game.

YUM! Sometimes I see that McDonalds brings this one back once in a while

The Pogo Ball. These didn't seem to stick around too long. The "Blasters" were the bast.

The Gummi Bears were probably my favorite saturday morning cartoon. Bouncing here and there and everywhere....

I really thought I was hot stuff when I got Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth for my 13th birthday. Crazy that I can still remember exactly what it smells like. Malibu Musk was another good one.

Sweet Secrets. Kind of like the girl's version on Transformers.

Burger Time! We could play this forever..on Intelevision (is that right?)

I remember seeing this in the grocery store and begging my mom to let me have it. It tasted like crap.

These were kind of like little raisins. The original fruit snack. Look at all of the varieties now.

Another show that I loved, Today's Special. My favorite episode was the balloon one.

Wish they still made these. Wasn't there a house that handed these out at Halloween?

Charm necklaces. Something else that made me feel "cool".

Not everyone may remember these but I do and they were SO GOOD! Peanut butter dipped in chocolate and rolled in Rice Krispies.

I think I read every single one (including the "Super Specials")

Remember when Burger King had Burger Bundles. This was the closest picture I could find. The ones from Burger King were just 3 in a row and so cute.

My Child dolls. They came out a couple years after the Cabbage Patch Dolls.

There were a couple of things I thought of but couldn't find a picture of. Does anyone else remember Fruit Juicees? They were a frozen push up in the shape of a triangle. I think Minute Maid made them. Also remember the Disney character shaped popsicles? And there were pudding pops (which I think they still make) but that were Jello flavor instead. Those were really good. And I know there was some kind of soft serve ice cream type push up that you could buy in the grocery store. I could go on and on.... :)


Rachel Nykerk said...

I remember the triangle fruit juices, I bought them all the time for the boys, they loved them. I also remember the fizz from the peanut store,they were really popular. I don't remember alot of those cereals but then most of us did not eat alot of cereal. We had intelevision and we liked space invaders. Great post Brenda !

Jenny said...

LOVE the post and I do really remember ALL of it except some of the cereals but you were the cereal eater not me. I thought My CHild's looked a lot cuter back then, loved charm necklaces, and I do remember Boppers and they were good! I"ll have to ask Jason if he remembers any of this stuff when he's done watching Dora with Macey :)

VandenBerg Family said...

Ron...SUPER FUN post!!! There were several things I didn't remember, a lot of the cereals especially. I also had a bottle of electric youth perfume but NEVER would have remembered it if it weren't for this post. FUN FUN!!

jeanh said...

GREAT post, Bren - Brought back a lot of memories of when my girls were little. I remember that they loved the Babysitters Club books, and some of the cereals you mentioned. (It must have taken quite some time to find all those pictures!) What fun!

Em said...

I remember trying to start a babysitter club of my own in my neighborhood. What a great post. Brought back a LOT of memories. I sat here going.. OH YEAH about just about everything!!

Beck said...

Holy crap, I could comment on over half of these! Yes, I know EXACTLY what Electric Youth smells like (along with White Rain hairspray.. the two went together so often. :) We had an Intellivision, too! Hardly anyone I know remembers that; they all had Ataris. Burger Time, Buzz Bombers, Lock and Chase, Space Armada, Snafu... my brother even had a HeMan Masters of the Universe game. :)

FRUIT WRINKLES! YES! And ew, what a gross name!

Fun post. :)

Lana Baker said...

I remember all the food stuff but none of the other stuff~shows you where my priorities are!

missy widener said...

rainbow brite and charm necklaces? life was good.....this post is awesome...

Lisa Zapolnik said...

Hilarious! I was also very jelous about your Birch Run trip, glad you had a great time. Best of luck with the weight loss, but even more luck getting pregnant. We'll keep continuing to pray!