Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let is snow! (and snow and snow....)

It just doesn't seem to want to stop snowing and I can't say I really mind. I think all of this snow is fun especially so close to Christmas. Keith decided last night that we were going to the Chinese Food Buffet for lunch today no matter what. He really like driving "big rig" in this stuff.

While Keith was driving I was taking pictures of course. Really hard to see in front of you.

We made it! Along with a few other crazy customers who love Chinese food.

Like everything else Keith is a perfectionist when it comes to keeping the driveway clear.

Not kidding when I say we have lots of snow!

I snapped this one of Dolly at just the right second :) Keith had to dig a path for her so she had a place to go to the bathroom

One of my projects this afternoon.


Carol Sue said...

The cookies look GREAT. You guys have a ton of snow. Read my blogs and you will see we have more snow than is allowed in this area. It kills me that you went to the China buffet. I love Dolly's coat. Does she have boots? Sheba is refusing to out, even with her boots on

VandenBerg Family said...

Wow...really impressed with the awesome pictures you took!! And my many cookies did you make?!?!? and how did you frost them like that? They look really professional.

keeks said...

the cookies do look yummy, I did some cut out cookies today too. Dan helped me frost them, needless to say mine don't look as good as yours Brenda. Dan's were actually better looking than mine. I loved the pictures ! Especially the one of Dolly mid air, how do you do that ?

megalin0 said... guys have A LOT more snow than us..JAson is just like Keith, very particular about keeping the driveway clean..always outside making sure it's clean..:)

Em said...

Dolly is awesome! Chloe would never wear the coat. She will run out in the deep snow, do her business.... run laps around the backyard and come to the door winded. she is goofy!

VandenBerg Family said...

Thanks for the blog picture comment :). I like (and smiled) that you made it a list. Get a closer look at Annie...not so much a smile :)