Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ear Candling

Have you heard of ear candling before? Apparently it has been around since ancient times and people believed it could draw out toxins and impurities from your body. It is basically a skinny cone dipped in wax. You light the end of the cone and the smoke is drawn into your ear canal loosening the wax. The candle acts as a vacuum and pulls the ear wax into the cone. Kinda cool but also kinda gross :) I have done this a few different times. It's fun to have "contests" and see who will have the most ear wax in the end...You can get the ear candles at most health food stores for under $3 a piece. So if you ever get bored and are looking for something to do....

Kayle is using a box top so her hair doesn't catch on fire

We were hoping this would help Aunt Carol hear better


JJ&MK said...

did it help aunt carol at all?

Carol Sue said...

Actually when I went to the hearing aid place on Monday they checked my ears and said there "was not a speck" of wax in my ears so I know the things work, unfortunately, my hearing aid is still not working properly so I am still deaf the majority of the time. It is a real drag, but I went out and bought 10 candles