Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas survey

I'm trying to be creative and think of different ideas for blog postings. I decided to create my own Christmas Survey. For those of you who have your own blog, I would love to see you copy and paste my questions with your answers on your own blog. Feel free to add in your own questions!

Favorite Christmas movie (cartoon or children's)? Mickey's Christmas CarolFavorite Christmas movie? National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Elf, Polar Express
When do you usually start Christmas shopping? week before Thanksgiving (give or take)

Favorite Christmas present? for some reason I remember being really excited when I got the Heart to Heart Family playground set when I was about 12. Another favorite are the DVDs my dad made for Jen and I with old family movies and pictures burned onto them.

Real or artificial tree? real!

Colored or white lights? colored

Favorite Christmas memories? Grandma's punch bowl and cookies, candlelight Christmas Eve service and then opening presents, last minute shopping with dad, when we used to go caroling with church, day after Thanksgiving shopping with mom and Jen

Favorite Christmas song? This is hard... I love all of the songs on the old Amy Grant Christmas Album. I like 'Angels We Have Heard on High", "Silent Night", and " O Holy Night" ( I really like a lot of Christmas music....)

Do you like eggnog? a few sips is OK. I wouldn't drink it by the gallon.

Peppermint candy canes or fruity ones? Peppermint


Carol Sue said...

GREAT BLOg...instead of all the cut and paste:
1. I have never watched a Christmas movie
2. I start my shopping all year, after every holiday and get things for no less than 75 to 90% off, put everything in a box and save til Christmas or a visit to Holland.
3. Real, but I have had to make a tree the last few years out of whatever I have laying around. Last year it was some red sticks that ended up measuring to a 6 foot tree.
4. Mom's carmels, punch and cookies, BINGO and I loved the year Dad made me a big antique chest. I must have been about 8-10.
5. Definately "O Holy Night". I love music, not TV.
6. Eggnog...can not stand it
7: candy canes: the cherry ones!!!

Rachel Nykerk said...

since I donnot have a blog yet( my new years resolution will be to start one)1)A Christmas Story 2)Usually get around to it one week after thanksgiving. 3)Fake 4)Every year opening my sister Ruths homemade Christmas gifts, buying my brother-in-law a goofy Christmas hat every year.Pleading with my mom to open gifts early.5)Little Drummer Boy.6)only with alcohol in it 7)Only if they make chocolate ones, never liked candy canes, fruity or peppermint.

Rachel said...

Since I don't have a blog either, I will post my comments here :)

1.) Favorite Christmas Movie(s): I agree with Brenda - Mickey's Christmas Carol and Babe's in Toyland - I remember watching this movie all the time with Kate - the one starring Drew Barrymore :)

2.) When do I start shopping: day after Thanksgiving - bring on the sales!

3.) Favorite present: this is tough. Probably when Kate and I got hampsters - man were we excited.

4.) Real or Fake tree: Real, although we have a little fake one up now since we wont be around next week

5.) Colored or White: White lights

6.) Favorite memories: Fondue on Christmas Eve, Mom's yummy Christmas morning breakfast (I'm bummed I can't have any this year), bingo (who could forget that fish!), Grandma's delicious sugar cookies, opening my homemade stocking mom made for me

7.) Favorite Christmas Song: Um, Jingle Bells? I guess I dont' really have one (hahaha, maybe the version Kate sang when she was little - "jing" "jing" "jing" (no one will think that's funny except her - hopefully she'll read this)

8.) Like Eggnog: Yes!!

9.) Peppermint vs. fruity candy canes: Peppermint

Carol Sue said...

Your survey was a HUGE hit. I have gone to all the other blogs and see that everyone got into the action. Way to go

Brenda Lee said...

Rachel S. I started laughing when I read the "jing jing jing" from Katie. I don't remember that of course but I do think it's funny :)