Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fun times at Grand Valley

I got to relive my college days yesterday when we went to visit Dave (and cousin Jeff) at their apartment at GVSU. Man has that campus and surrounding area changed since I was there!! There are SO many new restaurants,liquor stores, housing, and shopping. We really missed out! Although I wouldn't change my college experience for anything...I thought I fit in with the college kids pretty good. I hope I didn't stick out too much (being 30 and all...). Dave and roommates have 4 dogs that live with them. They guys moves them all around the house in various positions throughout the day. Sounds weird but it is really funny. Here Lisa and I are with "Rusty" :) BTW, Keith bought the Busch beer solely because the cans were camouflaged.

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Rachel Nykerk said...

Hey Brenda, you will have to give me Jeff's address since he never told his mom where he is living, of course I will only go there in an emergency. Glad you had a good time!