Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bill and Kati's wedding

This past weekend Keith and I were in the Chicago area (Lombard) for another wedding. It was a fun one! The groom (Bill) was a roommate with Keith at GVSU and played rugby with him. Bill has always been one of Keith's college friends that has been really good about keeping in touch a making monthly phone calls just to "check in". This is impressive to me for a boy. Bill and his bride Kati have a silver lab named Sierra. They told us we could brinrg Dolly along which was so nice. We stayed at Bill's house on friday night and Kati's mom stayed with both dogs the night of the wedding since Keith and I were staying at a hotel. I love staying at hotels! This one was a Double Tree and I was so impressed with how big (and inexpensive) the rooms were. Plus I got 2 huge chocolate chip cookies when I checked in which was an added bonus. The wedding was a blast. Fun people, open bar (with top shelf liquor!), good food, lots of dancing, and an "after party" in the hotel. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Todd, Bill, and Keith (oh brother!)
Farrah and I (Todd's GF)
me and my handsome hubby
bride and groom on the trolly
Me, Farrah, and Bill


Carol Sue said...

Great fun and great pictures. I think it is so nice that Bill has kept in contact every month. I am SO GLAD you are back on line

Carol Sue said...

PS...the only thing that kept your Mom and I sane when Bill was so sick out of town, was we were staying at the Doubletree and got many, many chocolate chip cookies

VandenBerg Family said...

Glad to see the new posts! Bill and Kati look so happy! I had to laugh when I saw all the Dora stickers on Macey's shirt. I'm sure she loves coming to Aunt Brenda's work (when it's not her who has an appt.)!