Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Jen and I had a fun shopping trip at Rivertown today. I actually bought a Chicago Cubs sweatshirt. Not because I have given up on the Tigers, but it was only $10 and they had run out of Detroit sweatshirts. I also bought the new lotion from Bath and Body Works "Orchid". It smells so good. We had lunch at Chili's. We both got 1/2 a turkey sandwich, fries, and a cup of chicken enchilada soup. Yum!

We went back to Jen's after the mall. I got to snuggle with Kelsey a lot today! Macey was taking a long nap for a lot of the time I was there. As I was changing Kelsey's wet diaper she let out a big toot. Jen warned me that poop might be on the way. Sure enough...lots of it! I just caught it in my hand (with a wipe!) like anygood aunt would. Kelse seemed to feel pretty good afterwards :)
Nothing fancy for dinner tonight since I had a big lunch. I just made tuna meltswith cheese in the oven and opened a can of peaches. Keith went to church for the Neighborhood Kids but no one showed up tonight! He chatted with Aunt Rachel for a while and is now hanging out with Dolly and I. We are watching the Tiger/Red Rox game hoping for that first win....

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