Thursday, April 3, 2008

first trip to the Park in '08

Keith and I attended out first Tiger game of the season yesterday. It was probably one of the worst game we have been to ! Not much action (especially by the Tigers!). The Tigers are now 0-2. I am not too concerned just yet. Besides it being a boring game and the Tigers losing, we still had fun. The sun was out the entire time and I love the atmosphere in and outside of the stadium...the sounds, smells, fans, etc. We did notice that all of the food and drink prices increased by a quarter making a large beer $8.25 and a hot dog $5.25. Not cheap, but for some reason it just tastes better inside the park.

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A hot dog is $5.25?? Ouch!

BTW, the Tigers are sure blowing thus far. 0-6.