Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The Tigers that I remember are back! At least they were last night anyway....I was once again jumping up and down in our living room as the Tigers came from behind not once, but twice to beat the Twins. It's after games like these that I have a hard time falling asleep at night. Nothing too exciting happened today. I had a coupon for McDonalds so I did stop on the way to work for a breakfast burrito and their new "sugar free" vanilla latte. It was very good. I didn't even miss the sugar! Nothing out of the ordinary at work. We did have Jimmy Johns for lunch so that was a treat. I met Keith and I gym for a workout and made a quick stop at Family Fare for milk, bananas, etc. When we came home we found that Dolly had thrown up a little bit. Not sure what that was from. There was plenty of Jimmy John's left over so that was supper for Keith. I plan to switch between the Tigers, Pistons, and season finale of The Biggest Loser. Well, Keith needs the computer to type an estimate so that's all for now!


nykerk06@comcast.net said...

Did you check out the "redbox wen you were at McDonalds?
You sure do get a lot of free lunches at your office from the drug reps. How cool is that?

nykerk06@comcast.net said...

I am glad the gal won on the Biggest loser....she did fantastic didn't she?
How did your shopping trip go today and your dinner at your Dad's?
If you got the email I sent about my doctor appt today, it probably falls under your "grumpy patients" blog!!!!!